Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting for Companies

In addition to drawing up annual financial statements, income and expenditure accounts, balance sheets and annual tax returns, it is particularly important for small, young or medium-sized companies to take a close look at the ongoing and creative tax advice for your company. Our intention: to recognise all potential at an early stage and to guide it with advice in order to finally create the ideal result for you and save money.

We have made it our motto to rely less on forecasts or future assessments and more on focusing on the actual facts and figures of your company as a criterion in order to keep offering you honest, realistic and customised solutions.

  • Ongoing tax planning advice.
  • Preparing annual and interim financial statements of various legal company forms, including special and supplementary balance sheets.
  • Preparing income and expenditure accounts.
  • Managing legal remedies vis-à-vis tax authorities and financial courts.
  • Tax structuring advice in gift and inheritance tax matters.
  • Planning and structuring company succession.
  • Supervising tax audits, income tax and value-added tax special audits.
  • International tax law.
  • Transformation tax law.

Tax Consulting for Private Citizens

As a reliable, constructive and critical partner, we will gladly assist and advise you in the preparation of your tax return. A further concern is to continuously optimise your tax environment and your finances. We focus on the important issues and design this complex together with you. If required, we can also deal with additional questions regarding real estate, pension provision, assets or financing.

  • Preparing and submitting your income tax return.
  • Income tax reduction applications (wages and salaries).
  • Conducting legal assistance vis-à-vis financial authorities and financial courts.
  • Representation in criminal tax proceedings.
  • Preparing inheritance and gift tax returns.
  • Inheritance tax and gift tax structuring advice.
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